Mobile Web App (Beta)

The Value Investor Mobile Web App (Beta) has been designed to perform calculations for intrinsic value quickly so that you can determine if a stock is worth further research, or if you should move on to other more promising companies. The App will store the history of your recent searches and enable you to create watch lists. An Android or iOS device with internet access is required. Navigate to this webpage with a mobile device to launch the Web App.

Click here to launch

Home screen

Easily navigate through the App and its features.

Search for stocks

Type in any ticker symbol or tap on previously searched stocks.

Calculate Intrinsic Values

Easily enter data to obtain a stock’s intrinsic value.

Evaluate investments

Get a sense of the value of the stock and determine if it’s worth investing.

Create a watchlist

Save intrinsic values to monitor the best time to buy or sell a stock.

Click here to launch

Read out blog post on How to Use the Mobile App to Calculate Intrinsic Values to learn how to navigate the app more efficiently.

You can also read our Tool tip on Adding the Value Investing Web App to Your Home Screen so that it is easily available when you need to access the App.