The Secret to Predicting Stock Performance

Secret to Predicting Stock Performance

There is one metric that has been proven to be a good predictor of future stock performance. A researcher named James P. O’Shaughnessy looked at all of the data he could find for a forty five year span and he

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Attend the International Value Investing Conference

International Value Investing Conference

The goal of the International Value Investing Conference is to exchange ideas about value investing among financial professionals in an open and inspiring environment. Together with leading speakers from the world of value investing, the attendees will experience in-depth views

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How to Become a Successful Value Investor in 3 Steps

The most difficult part of becoming a value investor is doing the research to thoroughly analyze a company. That’s probably the reason why everyone is not a value investor. Value investing takes work. You can’t just tune in to CNBC

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Technical Investing vs Value Investing

What’s the best stock picking strategy? That’s an age-old question that every investor will wrestle with. Should you listen to the “experts,” do your own research, ask the neighbor what he thinks, or look at some charts to try to

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Making It Easy: Calculating Intrinsic Values

Calculating the intrinsic value of stocks is probably one of the most important things to do in value investing and one of the most complicated.  The math is tedious, digging around for information takes time, and there are just too

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Gain/Loss Calculator Launched!

Gain/Loss Calculator

The Value Investing Headquarters Gain/Loss Calculator is here! We have developed the Gain/Loss Calculator to allow you to easily determine how your stock purchase performed within a given time period. If you don’t recall the price of the stock when

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How to Use the Mobile App to Calculate Intrinsic Values

Value Investing Mobile Web App

Calculating the intrinsic value of stocks is key to being a successful value investor. The Value Investing Headquarters Mobile App has added features that enable the tracking of stocks after your initial research. You can read our blog post on

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